New Build Homes Cheshunt Herts
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New Build Homes In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

New Build Homes Cheshunt Hertfordshire

Discover new build homes and apartments for sale near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire here.

This particular site took just over 8 months to complete. It was a perfect site with great access all round. We will be putting a documented post on our website, with lots of pictures showing the progress. We are just waiting on a nice dry week to get the gardens finished. The former house was demolished and two large 4 bedroom semi detached houses built.

Currently we have two sites in and around Cheshunt, one in Cheshunt and the other in Goffs Oak.

We are interested in all sites no matter how big.

  • Have you got a corner plot?
  • Have you got a wide garden? overgrown garden?
  • What about neighbours, friends and families? We pay very generous introduction fees to you.
  • Have you got a long garden? (Vehicle access is not always required)
  • Is there development going on around you?

We have substantial funds immediately available for residential development sites . A minimum 2% Introduction fee is paid. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you might have something for us to look at.

Find out more here or contact our sales team if your interested in purchasing.

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