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Townhouses nearly finished in North London

Before (Image taken from the same position).


Townhouses nearly finished in North London. This job took 8 months and came out beautifully. Its in a lovely part of north London.

When we built this it was a very tricky build. We couldn’t get access to the back of the site, we only had the front meaning everything had to be craned in or carried through. It was a muddy messy job in the beginning but we are extremely pleased with the outcome. We have built 5 Townhouses in Barnet very close to the tube.

Within the first week of viewings our agents took deposits on all 5. We were told that due to Cover 19 people wanted outside space. We will continue to build houses to help people have a beautiful home. This year so far we have completed projects in Hare Street, Enfield, Cheshunt Hertford and Walkern.

If you have anything you think we might be interested in take a look at this and get in touch.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Jack Harvey

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