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Potential Development Sites Wanted

Potential Development Sites Wanted. We understand the demands of selling land.The value depends on the success of the planning permission. We Pay high and move quick.

We Typically Buy The Following Type Of Sites With Or Without Planning Permission.

  • Have you been approached by a developer, land agent or estate agent about your property’s development potential?
  • Have you got a corner plot?
  • Have you got a wide garden? overgrown garden?
  • What about neighbours, friends and families? We pay very generous introduction fees to you.
  • Have you got a long garden? (Vehicle access is not always required so don’t worry about that)
  • Is there development going on around you?
  • Retirement homes
  • Garages
  • Industrial or Disused units
  • Commercial premises
  • Hotels

Here is a typical Corner Plot Development which we would usually take an option agreement on with a client.

Harvey Construction understand the demands of selling land. The value depends on the success of the planning consent. For this reason it is essential to have an experienced team who are there every step of the way. When you deal with us, you have a huge amount of experience, resources and expertise working for you.

We buy land and property (residential and commercial) with or without planning permission. We can move quickly if necessary because we have cash funds immediately available.

Our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment, good design and clever solutions begins at the earliest stages of a development. We’ve been building homes across Hertfordshire, Essex and London for many years. 

As a privately owned and financed company we react quickly, working efficiently and discreetly to deliver quickly on a deal. We make the decisions as it’s our money and we don’t have to get investors or banks approvals.

Contact us in the strictest of confidence to have a chat and arrange an appraisal. Many thanks, Jack Harvey.

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