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The coach house property development essex

The coach house property development essex. We built this large family house in around 9 months.

Its now 2020 and we have just entered into a new decade so don’t spend it dreaming, those hours of planning and years of saving maybe its time now to go ahead with the vision.  Whether you are dreaming of a cottage style home, a barn conversion, a contemporary design or a farmhouse, we’ve got you covered.  Our team of highly-skilled craftsman are experts at bringing our client’s visions to life.  This commitment to your vision, when combined with our exemplary building standards, results in a home that exceeds your expectations. 

At Harvey Construction, we don’t want to just build your house, we want to build the dream you’ll be proud to call home. 

Many people think building a dream home is beyond their budget or out of their reach.  The truth is a well-crafted beautiful home that is built exclusively around your needs can be priced better than an existing home. 

The pictures below show the build at its various stages. The last images are at the final shoot. If your looking to have your dream home built then please get in touch.

House has recently been sold for £3 Million.

Take a look at our new site in Goffs Oak 5 Large Detached houses Click here

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