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Why convert your loft space ? Hertfordshire loft Conversions.

Titled: Why convert your loft space ? Hertfordshire loft Conversions. Specialist loft conversions turning your loft into practical open living space.

Why not? When was the last time you even went up there ?

Everyone loves the idea of a big loft. We all have the same image of old toys, books and lots of cobwebs. Not to mention the itchy insulation! We seem to use our lofts to hide things that we don’t use very often, like the suitcases and Christmas decorations. Do you really want all your junk and old suitcases up there?

The Image above is a loft conversion of the entire roof space and a balcony with a hot tub and a view that was out of this world. So there are so many options on what you can use the space for because after all, its just sitting there. With everything thats happened recently with Covid-19 and more people working from home a loft conversion is the perfect answer to gaining space. Usually in around ten weeks we can turn your loft into an office, a spare room, kitchen/ studio suite or a guest bedroom. It is cheaper than building an extension (we also do this). It makes full use of your wasted space and it enhances the value of your property by around 20% on a 3 bedroom home.

So what would the new loft room be used for?

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have started a business from an office at home. With many employees opting to work from home 3 days a week a home office is essential. Whether you are setting up your own business or just want a quiet area to work, the loft can be the ideal work space.

Cinema Room:
A brilliant way to watch that family movie or the Formula One Grand Prix. You could set it up with a pool table or air hockey. 

Craft Room:

If you’re looking for a spot to indulge your creativity, turn the loft into a Craft Room. Get creative with your storage by opting for built-in cabinets to keep everything hidden.

Guest Studio Suite:
The average, family home does not have a guest bedroom, so it’s not surprising that this is fast becoming the most popular choices for loft conversions.

Please see some Images below showing you some of our recent jobs, this might help convince you with why you should convert your loft space ?

Interested in a new home..take a look at the development we have just finished in Goffs Oak click here

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